We are 420

We all know 4-20 is the best day of the year, so that is exactly what we decided to call ourselves!

With a passion for the plant and a love of well crafted things, we thought that fellow South Africans, who share our passion, should have a place where they can find the products they need. Products that enhance what nature provided when she gave us the tools to grow the herb, as well as beautifully made pieces and skillfully-crafted items for partaking of nature’s medicine.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide an extensive range of quality products that you can trust.


We have sourced a selection of smoking supplies and accessories designed to meet your needs and lifestyle. We will continue to expand our range as we find more exciting products.


As many of us grow our own, we have decided to stock a range of nutrients and other grow products we know and trust. Growing is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do and we’d like to help you on that journey.

Once you’ve chosen your items and placed your order, we’ll carefully pack your parcel, being sure to protect those valuable items, and get it delivered anywhere in South Africa.

For great service, a quality selection and competitive prices, shop 420.co.za; our friendly staff are standing by to serve your needs today.

Watch this space as we continue to source innovative products and expand our range.

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Our Products

Providing South Africa with a Wide Range of Smoke Products. At 420.co.za, we understand that everyone is different, and therefore, everybody has their own preferred method of smoking. Some people like to roll up, others love packing a bowl, and some even do it all electronically. No matter your preference, we’ve got the perfect product for you here.


Who doesn’t love a bong? At 420.co.za bongs are our speciality. We stock a wide range of bongs in every shape and size. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, something fancy, or something with a perc (or 4)… you’ll find it all here.


Need something a bit more discrete to smoke with? Don’t you worry, we’ve got a range of pipes available for all your smoking needs.

Rolling Papers

There are so many brands of rolling paper out there, so in our quest to bring you quality natural products, we chose RAW as our main paper brand. RAW not only provide natural unbleached papers with a better-burning patented CrissCross watermark, but they have a great range of complimentary products for the discerning smoker.

We also stock a range of other smoking products and accessories online, including dry-herb vapes, grinders, lighters, trays, travel pouches and more…

Grow Supplies

Our grow range has started off small, but will be expanding soon as we source more great products to help you grow and harvest those beauties.

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