Electronic nectar collector and dab pen
Airistech Airis 8 - Dip & Dab Vaporizer Pen
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The innovative Airis 8 dip or dab wax pen is your go-to device for on-the-go dipping or dabbing of your premium concentrates. The Airis 8 is ultra-compact, discreet, and portable, but most importantly it's totally easy to use... you’ll be ready for a quick session in seconds!
How does the Airis 8’s Dual-Atomizer Work?
Using the Airis 8 is an absolute breeze because it comes with two atomizers that allow it to support all forms of herbal concentrates.
  • • If you’re using a waxy concentrate, connect the included dual quartz atomizer. Load the atomizer with wax using your dab tool and enjoy.
  • • If you’re using an oily concentrate with a runny consistency, there’s no need to make a mess trying to load the oil into an atomizer. Leave the oil in its container and connect the quartz heating tip to the Airis 8. Turn the device over and dip the heating tip directly into your oil while inhaling through the bottom of the vaporizer. The dab-or-dip technology is so revolutionary that you’ll wonder why vape pens haven’t always done things this way!
    Three optimized voltage settings are available to heat the widest range of concentrates. It’s so versatile and easy-to-use, you’ve gotta have one on you so that you’re always ready for when that need arises!
    Features & Specs:
  • • Discreet Pen Style Device for Stealthy Travel Use
  • • Equipped with Dual Heating Elements: Dab or Dip!
  • • Dual Coil Quartz Glass Element: Delivers Pure & Tasty Vapor
  • • Premium Quartz Heating Tip Atomizer for Dipping
  • • Variable Output Capability, 3 Preset Levels: 3.4V (Green), 3.7V (Blue), 4.2V (Red)
  • • Universal USB Charging Method
  • • Easy Single Button Operation
  • • Press Button 5 Times to Lock/Unlock
  • • Press 3 Times to Adjust Output Level
  • • Backed by 6 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 1 x Airis8 Battery
  • 1 x Airis8 Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Quartz Dip Coil
  • 1 x Quartz Dab Coil
  • 1 x USB Charging Cord
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 3 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x User Guide
  • Use: Concentrates Only
    Turn On / Off: Press Power Button 5 Times to Lock/Unlock
    Voltage: Red-4.2V, Blue-3.7V, Green-3.4V (Press 3 Times to Adjust Output Level)
    Charging: Micro USB Charging Port

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