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    The best single-use bong cleaner.
    • • High Quality.
    • • User Friendly.
    • • Easy & Quick Clean.
    • • Removes all bad odors and germs.
    • • Makes bongs look as good as new.
For use on any type of bong/rig. Use half of the bomb for a small bong and the whole bomb for a medium or large bong.
    Step 1:Empty the Bong.
    Step 2:Add Bomb & Shake. (Firmly cover all openings & shake vigorously for 5 minutes or until all the grime is loos.)
    Step 3:Drain away the grime.
    Step 4:Add some fresh H20 & Shake. (Give your bong another energetic shake for about 1 minute.)
    Step 5:Final Rinse. (Empty the bong and give it a good rinse under running water.)
    Step 6:Air Dry. (Leave your bong to air for about 10 to 15 minutes before using it again.)
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