Plant & soil beneficial microorganisms
Freedom Farms Kelp Liquid (1L)
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Bio-stimulant, phyto-hormones, essential elements
Raw organic kelp liquid extracted from seaweed (Ecklonia maxima) extraction. A bio-fertiliser, plant stimulant and soil conditioner. Kelp contains essential plant macro- and micro- elements as well as plant growth regulators (PGR’s) or phytohormones such as Auxins, Cytokinins and Gibberellins.
Kelp is high in Alginate which has chelating properties binding to cations which then absorb moisture and expand to improve soil texture and growth of beneficial microorganisms. Kelp as a foliar application may prolong leaf health under stressful conditions. Kelp has benefits for both soil and plant and can be applied throughout the plant’s life cycle. Kelp also improves root formation and development on propagated plant tissue I.e. on stems during plant ‘cloning’.
Uses: Ideal for soil application and foliar spray

Soil application:

  • 3 ml/L After transplanting young seedlings into new soil
  • 2 ml/L once per week to maintain benefits
  • 3 – 5 ml/L once per week during flowering (higher doses may induce early ripening)

    Foliar application:

  • 2 ml/L twice per week for stressed plants
  • 1 ml/L every second day for propagation cuttings
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