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Soil conditioner with EM-1
A liquid ferment of molasses, fish meal and kelp created through anaerobic microbial digestion during a 4 month heated fermentation process. Used as a soil conditioner and complete baseline organic nutrient.
Contains moderate amounts of essential plant nutrients compared to full-purpose organic nutrients. The purpose of Microlife is to stimulate microbial activity in the soil while providing a base level of various essential plant nutrients. A full purpose organic nutrient is therefore necessary to be applied in conjunction with Microlife for full organic grow systems.
Ingredients: Food grade molasses, Fish meal, Kelp, Probiotics, Bokashi, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, fish hydrolysate

Soil Application:

  • 3 ml/ L once per week – maintenance
  • 5 ml/L once per week for full organic systems
  • 10 ml/L – recycling soil / raised bed rejuvenation
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