Max value... Natural alternative to butane lighters & matches
Organic Hemp Wick roll (with Beeswax) - 60m
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Materials: Organic Hemp and Beeswax
Organic Beeswax Natural Hemp Roll is a twine created from the fibres of natural hemp. It is coated in beeswax in order for it so act like a candle wick and burn slowly.
Hemp Wicks have come about from the health-conscious connoisseurs’ search for alternatives to traditional lighters and matches. This search came about because with using a lighter, the flame and smoke produced are considerably hotter. The lighter can also emit other chemicals that the user unknowingly takes in.
Hailed as delivering the cleanest taste when combusting a bowl of your favourite herbs, hemp wicks are the first thing that you will find many connoisseurs reaching for when seeking the purest experience from their bong or pipe.
The flame from hemp wick burns lower than a lighter. Preserving as many terpenes as possible and thereby improving the flavour of your herb.
Each batch of this rustic, thick hemp wick is lovingly hand-made.

Light end, tilt up or down to control flame, light your RAW Rolling Paper! (or bong)

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