Roll your favorite king size papers with ease
RAW Hemp Plastic Rollers King Size (110mm)
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One of the most popular sizes of rolling papers is 110mm long, making the RAW Hemp Eco Plastic Rolling Machine is a perfect match for singe wide, 1 1/4's and all kingsize and kingsize slim rolling papers. Made in Germany, this high quality roller uses Hemp Eco Plastic, made from hemp fibres making this one of the most resilient rolling machines you can buy. The apron uses a double thick vinyl with high tensile strength insuring when used correctly it will last a lifetime. With a earthly looking feel base, to the brownish apron the RAW Eco Plastic roller is a good looking machine and will fit neatly into most herb pouches.
Product Details:
  • Size: 110mm
  • Will Fit – Papers up to 110mm in length or King Size Papers
  • RYO – Roll Your Own
  • Hemp Based Eco Plastic
  • Apron – Double Thick Vinyl
  • Easy 3 step operation
  • Instructions Included
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