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The ultimate bong cleaner
  • • Highly Effective
  • • Noob Friendly
  • • Bio-Friendly and Non-Toxic
  • • Quick Instant Clean
  • • Knocks Out Germs
  • • Good-as-New Crisp Devices
For use on multiple materials, such as glass, ceramic, silicone, metal, wood and plastics.

Empty your device of gunky water. Shake the bottle like it owes you money. Shaking will activate SLUDGE VENOM‘s two-part, quick cleaning punch. Pour a generous amount of gunk remover into your device. Make sure to pour both sludge and venom. Remove all fittings, block holes, and shake vigorously.

Soak fittings in a sealed container with a good dash of SLUDGE VENOM. Shake gently (or rub with a pipe cleaner if you don’t want your fittings banging into each other).

Need a deeper clean? Dip a pipe cleaner in your SLUDGE VENOM. Go to town and remove gunky spots.

Always finish with a warm water rinse to flush out all residue.

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